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Report An Error

Medication errors, medical error and adverse events have significant implications on patient safety. Error detection through an active management and effective reporting system discloses errors and encourages safe practices. One way to learn from errors is to establish a reporting system.

IPSO encourage healthcare professionals to share potential or actual medical, medication errors and adverse events that occurred at their workplace. Reporting an error or hazardous condition is simple, unaccountable and confidential. IPSO will like to learn from such mistakes and will enlighten the others healthcare professionals not to replicate such mistakes as these mistakes are bound to occur due to complex nature of healthcare.

How to Report a Medical & Medication Error

We ask that you provide as much detail in your report as possible so that our experts can identify and characterize the likely causes and contributing factors. Specifically, include the following:

  • The details of what went wrong or could go wrong
  • The causes and contributing factors of the event
  • How the event or condition was discovered or intercepted
  • The actual or potential outcome of the involved patient(s)
  • Your recommendations for error prevention

Your recommendations for error prevention

Product names, dosage forms, and dose/strength. For product-specific concerns (e.g., labeling and packaging risks), please include the manufacturer

Specific information regarding the model, build, and manufacturer of involved healthcare information technology and medication-related devices

Any associated materials that help support the report being submitted (e.g., images of devices, display screens, products, containers, labels, de-identified prescription orders)

After you submit your confidential report, IPSO will not follow up with you to ask additional questions to clarify what went wrong and to identify the causes and factors that contributed to the reported event. IPSO will take the message, analysis the report by its experts and will spread the knowledge why this happen and how this can be avoided so that others should learn from someone’s mistakes.