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Dr. Dhruva Chaudhry

Senior Professor & Head, department of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, University of Health Sciences Rohtak.

Dr. Dhruva Chaudhry is presently Senior Professor & Head, Department of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, University of Health Sciences Rohtak. He is an alumnus of PGIMER Chandigarh & PGIMS, Rohtak. He was awarded prestigious Commonwealth Academic staff fellowship in Pulmonology in 2009. He is also a recipient of Hansraj Nayyar Memorial Award of ISCCM for the best researcher. He is a fellow of Indian College of Critical Care & Indian College of Physicians. Presently he is the President of Association of Commonwealth Scholars & Fellows (ACSF).

Prof. Chaudhry established the Department of PCCM in his institute. Department has been approved & recognised by MCI for DM in Pulmonary & critical care Medicine from the Year 2011. He was the founding as well as current Dean of the Faculty of Medical Super-specialities of University of Health Sciences Rohtak besides Professor in charge A& E. He also was DSW( Dean Student Welfare) of the Pt. B.D.S. Sharma university of health Sciences & initiated number of student welfare activities. He is a regular inspector for both National Board of Examination (NBE) & MCI, Examiner for UG & PG and Post Doctoral Courses of various Universities in Critical Care, Pulmonary & Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Emergency medicine, Respiratory Medicine & of ISCCM.

Prof Chaudhry has supervised 30 postgraduates in Medicine & allied subjects, 14 Postdoctoral fellows & 3 PhDs besides a number of major projects sponsored by DBT, ICMR etc. He has written more than 42 Papers in National/International journals & 38 chapters in books. Prof. Chaudhry is on the editorial board & also a regular reviewer in peer review journals in Chest, Critical care & allied specialties. He edited a monograph on " Antibiotics uses & abuses".

He is past Vice-Chancellor (2016-17) of Indian College of Critical care medicine ((ICCM), the academic wing of ISCCM (The Indian society of critical care medicine). He also is the past General Secretary (2014-2015) of ISCCM & was its Accreditation Co-ordinator (2010-2014) for 4 years. He is the co-author of guidelines on NIV & Tropical fever in ICU & member of guideline committee on CVP, & nebulization therapy. He is also the founding board member of Indian College of Critical Care Medicine. He also has the distinction of being the founding chairperson of the Rohtak branch of Indian society of critical care medicine.

Consequent to his initiative, while in an academic leadership position, lead to the development of guidelines for the management of common tropical illnesses which are often defined as "Orphan diseases" like scrub typhus & leptospirosis primarily affecting the rural & poor people. He is a pioneer in noninvasive ventilation, critical care toxicology including snake envenomation and sleeps in ICU. Besides, during his tenure-ship as an accreditation coordinator, nearly 65 institutes were affiliated with the society throughout the country, whereby spreading training in critical care throughout the country including the northeast.

Reforms in the examination were initiated during his leadership of ICCM, which now have been successfully implemented. He also as general secretary initiated the travel & conference grants program of the society. He represented ISCCM in Turkey, ISRO conclave on quality in patient care/safety & Chennai declaration on antibiotics resistance. He is a signatory to Mathura declaration on EOL.His present stress is on developing sub-specialties in critical care medicine, skill labs preferably on zonal bases, podcasts, public awareness program, strengthening nursing & paramedical training & initiating patient safety measures to enhance confidence in health care delivery besides reducing the cost of critical care without compromising quality.

Prof Chaudhry is a pioneer in the field of telemedicine in Haryana & first center in telemedicine in the state was established in Rohtak under his leadership in 2006. He also established the first center in Simulation for the training of medical students & trainee doctors in critical care, medicine & bronchoscopy at PGIMS.

Dr. Chaudhry is a public speaker of repute on critical care, health awareness including public health, motivation & ethics in medical practice & day to day life. His belief in younger generation & capacity to innovate in education to make it more enjoyable & skill oriented, resulted in organisation of first ever meet of undergraduates in medicine & dental at Rohtak in on October 2013 under the name ARMSCON, a huge success, which has now become annual event & represents academic high points of the university, is attended by nearly 1000 of undergraduate medical students.

Presently he is working closely with the department of health & NHM to establish training of emergency medical technicians in the state. Department of health, the government of Haryana appointed him as a consultant to supervise the establishment & functioning of ICU's in various civil hospitals in the state, a challenging & daunting task. He is a member of committees on Health & Gender of Haryana governance reforms authority. He is also actively engaged in the process of making & establishing patient help groups to provide succor & emotional support with an intention to later have a say in public health policy as well as issues related to patient safety.

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