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Patient safety and reduction of preventable medical error is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Medical errors are leading cause of the death in United State. The Institute of Medicine USA, (IOM) reported the annual number of deaths in hospitals from medical treatment errors to be between 44’000 and 98’000 in 1999. More people die in USA because of medical errors than breast cancers and AIDS. Medical error is the fifth largest disease in the USA. According to an article in “The Telegraph’ dated 6th January 2009, the deaths caused by hospital mistakes have gone up to 60 percent.

If we use the similar statistics in India, the figure would be horrified; but the biggest catastrophe is that we do not have documented evidences. Medical error goes down the linen in India.  A recent figure from WHO quoting that “medical errors come in the top 10 causes of deaths in India”. Patient safety and medical error seems to be double edged swords in the current healthcare scenario. Safety and error are the two arms of the individual, with one arm he makes the mistake and with another arm he set it right. Innovation and technology can save lives and improve the quality of care on other hand it introduces the complexities and risk element if used unsafely.

Patients need to be safe. Error cannot be tolerated within healthcare delivery system.

IPSO strive hard for the safe and quality care through the partnership with the healthcare providers, Key stake holders and patients.

IPSO will work to infuse the knowledge, skill, just culture and attitude/Behaviour at all the levels of the healthcare in order to make the care safer, better, faster and effective.

IPSO  along with the health care professionals, leaders, key stakeholders, caregivers will promote a robust set of knowledge, skill, and tools to improve culture, effect behaviour change, and fix broken care delivery systems.

IPSO  “Nothing without patient and everything for patient”

IPSO is in talks with the organisations in developing countries for the knowledge transformation to India through their experts and experience in the field of patient safety.

Patient Safety Courses Programs

IPSO will offers a range of online and classroom courses in patient safety, improvement capability, quality, cost, and value, person- and family-centered care, for healthcare workers. The courses will range from a short duration of 3 days to one year time.

Certificate Courses

IPSO with the core team of experts in the field of patient safety across the world will be responsible for delivery and imparting the training and knowledge to the broad spectrum of the healthcare workers in India.

E Learning

E Learning Patient Safety course content will be online modules to equip the learner with the fundamental understanding of the patient safety and skills that are applied in everyday practice.

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