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Dr. Gaurav Kuthiala

Joint Coordinator (JCI Accredited)
  • Experience:

    15+ Years

I am a practising anaesthesiologist and pain physician since 15 years. I work in a tertiary care hospital which is JCI accredited. I am the joint coordinator and look after the administrative affairs as well as the academic affairs of the department, we are a teaching hospital and we have a residency programme for post-graduation in anaesthesiology. My area of special interests are ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia, Liver transplant and interventional pain management.Patient safety as a concept came to my mind after i participated in the First JCI survey of our hospital in 2007, how easy it was to harm the patient in a hospital, i realised it then .Be it ineffective communication between people, identifying the wrong patient, doing procedure /surgery on the wrong site/side, medication errors , exposing patient to falls, transmitting infections and having poor hand hygiene etc are all possible in the realms of health care. I have adopted certain standards in my practice to prevent mishaps & enhance patient safety like following the IPSG goals, stopping before blocking, conducting time outs before procedures. The idea is to prevent patients from further harm, if we cant relieve them of their misery then certainly we should not push them into more .

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