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Dr. Prakash S Shastri

Vice Chairman, Sir Gangaram Hospital
  • Experience:

    24+ Years

Accident, Critical and Emergency Care Physician

Rev, Transplantation, Intensive Care

Membership of Professional Bodies
Was registered as trainee Royal College of Anaesthetists (Ref. No.564393)
Intensive Care Society UK
Association of Anaesthetists Great Britain & Ireland (AAGBI)
Indian Society of Anaesthetists
Research Society of Anaesthesiology & Clinical Pharmacology, India
Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (Executive Member)

Additional Qualifications/ Training Acquired
Clinical Management Course for Specialist Registrars, Keele University, March 2002
Post Graduate Certificate in Health Research, University of Leeds Feb – July 2002
ALS (Advanced Life Support) - 23rd - 25th March 1998
ALS (Advanced Life Support) - 23rd - 25th March 1998
ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) - 2nd - 4th December 1998
FCCS (Instructor Status) April 2005
CTLS (Instructor Status) Sept 2007

Chapter in Book: Risk Factors and related outcomes of Intravascular Insert-related infections in Intensive Care unit pp 25-35 in Intra vascular Insert-Related Infections in ICU Ed Anil Gurnani Chapter in Book: Approach to managing a febrile patient in Intensive care unit. Elsevier ECAB Series 2013 Chapter in Book Section Editor: ICU Protocol Book Ed Chawla & Todi
Bellamy MC, Shastri P, Binks R, Millson CE. Hyper acute liver failure – what threshold of raised intracranial pressure should we accept. Br J Anaesth 88(2)2002; 317P [Abstract].
Gupta S, ShastriP, Mongra C, Klinck J, Matta B. Risk factors for cerebro vascular accidents following anaesthesia [abstract] submitted for poster presentation in 12th World Congress of Anaesthesiologist June 4 – 9, 2000, Montréal, Canada.
A comparative evaluation of cardiovascular effects of Gallamine, Pancuronium and Atracurium as dissertation topic - submitted to Utkal University for award of MD (Anaesthesia), 1990.
"Day Care Anaesthesia" in Proceedings of Annual Conference of India Society of Anaesthetists (ISA) Delhi Chapter in April 1995[Abstract].
A combination of morphine and esmolol for attenuation of haemodyamic response to laryngoscopy and intubation in the Proceedings of Annual Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthetists (ISA) at Hyderabad in December 1996[Abstract].

Other Achievements
Invited as faculty for Indian Society of Anaesthetists (ISACON) annual conference from 2002 to 2011.
Invited as faculty for Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine annual conference 2003 and 2013.
Elected as Member Executive Committee ISCCM 2007, 2009 (two terms).
Elected as Secretary ISCCM 2013
Co ordinator Nurse Education, Indian College of Critical Care Medicine
Course Director. Indian Diploma in Critical Care Nursing, ISCCM
Presidents Citation ISCCM 2012,2013, 2014
Member, Editorial Board Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine
Course Director. Fellowship Preparatory Course

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