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IPSO Vision & Mission

Creating an India with an innovative health care community that listens, learns and responds to the need of the patient and for those who care for them having the zero tolerance to harm. IPSO partners with patients and families, the health care community, and key stakeholders to have advance patient safety and health care workforce safety and disseminate strategies to prevent harm.

IPSO preaches and advocate for the Patient centric where the need of the time is to engage the patients and families in the course of care thus creating the effective partnerships between those who provide the care and those who receive it. This step not only improves the quality of the healthcare and outcome of the care but also increase the productive work environments for health care professionals.

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It is clear that errors in medicine are a frequent, irreversible and unfortunately, inevitable occurrence in a human system; however, the outcome can be a huge tragedy for the patient, the family, and the physician. The goal is to optimise patient safety by enhancing the education of healthcare professionals and others directly or indirectly concerned with the achievement of safe practice in healthcare. The overall goal of training on Error in Medicine and Patient Safety is to give future physicians the attitudes, knowledge and skills to work with other professionals within the health care system to make it safer and to be prepared to identify and manage errors when they do occur. IPSO will provide the training in the below mentioned core competences which are necessary for appropriate contributions to be made towards safe healthcare,


Knowledge and understanding about the core principles and the key domains of patient safety.


Skills required to address the issues of identification / detection of adverse events and near misses caused by or associated with healthcare delivery, and the management and prevention of unintended harm for patients (including the capability to apply appropriate methods and instruments).


Behaviours (attitudes) which will lead to the improvement of outcomes, the avoidance of preventable harm, and the development of reflexive approaches to healthcare delivery.

Key Action Plan

Following are the key action plan for the IPSO for enhancing the patient safety:

  1.  Creation of a safety culture
  2.  Identification and measurement of problem fields (Patient Safety epidemiology)
  3. Cause analysis of adverse events and near misses
  4. Management and coping strategies for adverse events and near misses
  5. Prevention of errors, adverse events and near misses